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Ensuring Your Home in Frome, Somerset, Remains Warm All Year Round

During the bitterly cold winter months you rely heavily on your central heating to maintain warmth inside your property. After being underused in the summer, some systems are unable to take the increased pressure. With the help of our heating engineers in Frome, Somerset, however, you can reduce the likelihood of a system breakdown by acquiring our central heating upgrades and power flushing.

Upgrade to a State-of-the-Art Unit

The technology used in boilers is constantly evolving, which means that old systems swiftly become outdated. To counteract this and enjoy a wealth of additional benefits, upgrade to a new installation. One of the key features of a new boiler is the option of isolating the energy output to only heat water or solely power the radiators.

Relocating Your Boiler

Whether you have a back boiler or a combi boiler, our team are capable of relocating it to a different position in the house. Although this has little effect on its performance, it does mean you can move it to a position with better, easier access.

Choose Zonal Heating

In large properties it is not cost-effective to try and heat your entire home. To prevent your energy bills from rocketing, call on our heating engineers to install zonal heating in your home. This allows you to heat specific parts of your home individually, improving energy efficiency and reducing your monthly costs. Also, by measuring the current output of your boiler, we are able to determine the kilowatts required to heat each room, further increasing your energy efficiency.

Additional Heating Services

Alongside working with boilers, our heating engineers also offer services involving other installations. We are capable of changing your radiators, to improve performance, as well as installing underfloor heating. Additionally, our team use the necessary equipment to complete power flushes that unclog your system and ensure increased efficiency.


Contact us now, in Frome, Somerset, to find out more about our power flushing and central heating upgrades.